Bridal Show – Dove Canyon

If you are looking for a bridal show a little more low-key than the likes of the fairgrounds, Dove Canyon Country Club is a great option!

Sunday, 10/18 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Free admission AND a sports lounge with appetizers and beer specials for the Grooms-to-be.  Just for that perk, I thought this bridal show was blog-worthy!

More perks: Free valet parking, appetizers, wine & champagne.  Tour this great facility and meet several vendors at the same time.  Definitely worth a trip.

RSVP to Becky at 949.858.2800 ext 155

or E-mail at

dove canyon

Display IS Everything

I was at my local Target store yesterday (one of my two or three weekly trips) and I noticed something very interesting.

Weeks before, at this very same store, I spotted a box of goblets on the clearance table.  They were marked down 30%  and I thought: Score!  I need some new glasses and these are perfect.  I bought one box of four, and later that day I thought to myself, I should have bought at least one more box (lesson learned!).

Back to yesterday.  I’m in the same housewares section where I found my clearance goblets and to my surprise – the very same glasses were displayed outside of the boxes, labeled individually at $3.99 each on an eye-level shelf, in the fall/new items section!  I only paid $2.50 for each.

So, Target employees cleverly removed the goblets from the boxes and displayed them as non-sale, new items for customers to see.  These items didn’t sell at clearance prices, and Target was not about to give up!  They displayed them in a different way, to try and make them appear more appealing.

Along with the change of display, the items are back to their higher prices!

There are probably things at your wedding or party that you can spotlight by highlighting the display.  For example, yesterday’s post about the coffee service.  Usually such an overlooked part of the food/beverage but you can add a twist and surprise guests.

Or how about the programs at your ceremony.  Instead of the usual basket or Usher passing them out, display them another way: Pin them on a decorated cork board sitting on an easel  or print them smaller and hang them on manzanita branches.

Display can be everything in catching the eye of your guests with your details and making for a more memorable event.

target goblet

Coffee Revamped!

Coffee is a wonderful thing!  Yet, most party-planners don’t really pay attention to the coming & going of coffee at a wedding or other event.  Here are some ways to “spice” up your coffee service, which your guests will certainly appreciate!


From top left, clockwise:

Caramel wafers to place over hot coffee, which turn into gooey yummy treats.  Via Martha Stewart Weddings

Vintage dishes. Find at local flea markets or thrift stores and use as detail pieces or to serve coffee.

Double-walled coffee mugs with a clean, modern look.  Via Sur La Table

Fresh cinnamon to add a whimsy decor element and lots of flavor

Flavored syrups in a variety of tastes.  Via Flavorganics

French sugar crystal sticks to stir in some sweetness!  Via Sur La Table

Cool, fresh whipped cream for a dallop of goodness.

A newer and super-charming favor bag

For the ultimate DIY bride – Vale Design offers these terribly charming favor/gift bags through Etsy that you can print yourself. Just pick your favorite card stock.

These would be lovely for sweet table to-go bags!

Looking for the perfect little wedding favor box? PRINT YOUR OWN Gable Wedding Floral favor boxes with this printable PDF template. Measures roughly 2.5″ wide by 4.5″ tall. This design lets you add type, either your names or the date of the event, under the “Just Married.” Try adding a theme colored ribbon for that extra touch!

favor bag

favor bag vale design

Halloween Treat

Do you ever stumble upon an idea randomly and maybe even jot it down on the Blackberry to remember later but then never actually implement it?  I have so many ideas and inspirations everywhere I go, it’s hard to keep track.

Well, as I shopped at the not-so-inspirational local Ralphs market a few weeks back, looking for something I can make for my daughter’s school Halloween Party.  I thought “hmm, those Milano cookies would make cute headstone shapes for Halloween…maybe in a pan of brownies or pudding…”

Ok, fast-forward to today when I find the ever so cute cupcake by the ladies at No Fuss Fabulous and they used that same cookie to make a headstone and added stenciling for the detail R.I.P

Gotta love it!


The Fiesta Attire

Are you ready for the cutest little boy shirt ever?  The family and I went out to the LA County Fair a couple weeks ago and as we browsed the “Olvera Street” themed area, my eyes fell upon this beautiful, yellow toddler’s guayabera.

The guayabera is a men’s (or in this case little man’s) shirt popular in Latin America. Also known as the “Mexican Wedding Shirt.”

He will look so cute!

ty guayabera

More Sweet Inspiration

I figured I wouldn’t be happy unless my baby boy (AKA me!) had a Mexican sweets & treats table at his first birthday party.

The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to visit the yummy panaderia (bread shop).   Here are some goodies that will be included with cute & colorful signs to let guests know what treat they are reaching for!

Hot chocolate cookies…

mexican cookie

Traditional mexican wedding cookies

mex cookie white


pan dulce

pan dulce spread