A VERY Happy Holiday Gift

So, here it is, my early Christmas present:


The Blackberry Storm!  Thank you to my awesome husband for this delightful gift!

I just received it via the very nice FedEx delivery person.  Being that this is, technically, my holiday gift, I cannot (will not!) open it until Christmas morning.  The box seal is perfectly in tact so far.

Ok, let’s see – that means 6 days.  I can wait 6 days….right?

Good News & Bad News

Bad first: I just realized that my website’s contact page is not working and after submitting information, you might be getting a failed message of some sort.

My apologies for the inconvenience.  Please feel free to call or write me at michelle@charmingevent.com and I will get right back to you.

The GOOD news is that the Charming Events website will have a complete make-over, which you will get to see very soon!  Keep posted.

Natalie Moser

Please let me formally introduce to you another one of the fabulous vendors who helped at the Association of Bridal Consultants  (ABC) Tuesday evening event at the Ocean Institute Natalie Moser.  I showcased some of Natalie’s pictures a couple posts back, from the shots she took at the event.

Natalie is based in Orange County, is a member of ABC and has a new baby boy just like me!

Here are some of my favorite photos.  You can check out more at her blog





Before It All Comes Together

If all happens as planned, the WOW! factor will occur after all the vendors have transformed the space of the venue into your vision.  Don’t we all love the before & after shots of home and beauty make-overs? 

I’m providing you with a before & after of the recently planned & executed event for the Association of Bridal Consultants, Seaside Soiree by me, Jeannie Ward and Wendy Alexis.

We worked months and months putting together this final event that topped off the Annual Conference.  Guests were raving about the food, drinks and music provided all night long.  We looked forward most to the delicious cocktails, which we were able to enjoy!

Thank you to the wonderful Natalie Moser , Orange County, for capturing these great AFTER details and providing her services to us for only a thanks!  I took the before pictures myself, knowing those didn’t have to have the wow yet ;)

Other vendors who donated their services/goods and wowed us plenty: 

Sofia, TGIS Catering

Fayth, Three Petals

Chuck, Music on the Move

Roberta, Signature Rentals

Cheri, Uncommon Invites

Gavin, The Photoboof!

Wildflower Linens

Lighten Up

Grace, Sweet Gems Cakes

Making Memories


















Vendor Spotlight: Music on The Move

Another great vendor that helped us out at our ABC Conference, off-site event at the Ocean Institute, was Chuck from Music on the Move.  This is the first time I had worked with Chuck and needless to say, it won’t be the last! 

He is not only professional, but fun and loves what he does.  The guests couldn’t get enough!  We had the dance floor packed pretty much the whole evening, including me and the rest of the team when we got a moment!

Check out the Music on the Move website when you get a chance and I definitely recommend Chuck if you are looking for an experienced, easy-going, and talented DJ/Emcee.