Fendy and Kevin, Park Plaza, Los Angeles

The Charming Little Event Company fell in love with this legendary and historic location for Fendy and Kevin’s wedding. Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles is an unforgettable, one of a kind location. The stunning architecture left guests feeling as they walked into an old time movie or a royal ball.

The intimate celebration was symbolic with its vintage touches. Blush pink and white flowers with a hint of orange were the color palate. This complemented the wood and gold tones throughout the locations décor and bridesmaids dresses. We just loved the escort cards designed by the bride, a feather shape in gold tones.

The décor for the ceremony and reception were so simple and elegant.  For their ceremony, we formed a round, dedicated area for Fendy & Kevin to say their vows, surrounding by close family and friends.  Fendy made individual ribbon wands for each guest to enjoy, and Flower Allie complemented the area with gorgeous, ombre style flower arrangements.  For the dinner and reception, long dinner tables were adorned with lots of organic greenery, flowers and mercury candles.

We always love to highlight what shoes the bride is wearing as it gives a quick glimpse into their personalities. From the beautiful square cake to delicious macaroons, Tres LA did a wonderful job on the food and deserts.  Thank you Fendy and Kevin for letting us at The Charming Little Event Company be a part of your special day. We hope that your life continues to get sweeter as the years go by.

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The Team:

Wedding Coordinator: The Charming Little Event Company

Venue: The Legendary Park Plaza

Ceremony Musician: The Event Consultants

DJ/Reception Music: The Event Consultants

Cake: Tres LA

Photographer: Wayne and Angela

Florist: Flower Allie

Videographer: Juicebox Media

Hair and Makeup: Joyce Luck Style

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