Display IS Everything

I was at my local Target store yesterday (one of my two or three weekly trips) and I noticed something very interesting.

Weeks before, at this very same store, I spotted a box of goblets on the clearance table.  They were marked down 30%  and I thought: Score!  I need some new glasses and these are perfect.  I bought one box of four, and later that day I thought to myself, I should have bought at least one more box (lesson learned!).

Back to yesterday.  I’m in the same housewares section where I found my clearance goblets and to my surprise – the very same glasses were displayed outside of the boxes, labeled individually at $3.99 each on an eye-level shelf, in the fall/new items section!  I only paid $2.50 for each.

So, Target employees cleverly removed the goblets from the boxes and displayed them as non-sale, new items for customers to see.  These items didn’t sell at clearance prices, and Target was not about to give up!  They displayed them in a different way, to try and make them appear more appealing.

Along with the change of display, the items are back to their higher prices!

There are probably things at your wedding or party that you can spotlight by highlighting the display.  For example, yesterday’s post about the coffee service.  Usually such an overlooked part of the food/beverage but you can add a twist and surprise guests.

Or how about the programs at your ceremony.  Instead of the usual basket or Usher passing them out, display them another way: Pin them on a decorated cork board sitting on an easel  or print them smaller and hang them on manzanita branches.

Display can be everything in catching the eye of your guests with your details and making for a more memorable event.

target goblet

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