A dose of “real” advice

I love this!  Advice For a Happy Marriage, from 3rd graders:

* You need to kiss every once in a while

* I think you should wear something beautiful

* Get bunnies

* Take turns doing the chores

* When your husband is grumpy, give him some coffee

* To show you love each other, take the smallest cookie

* Mostly say yes (Like if you’re going to have hot dogs for dinner and you really don’t like hot dogs, it’s okay to say no)

* Take breaks from each other once in a while

* Sleep together

* Do not marry another person

Kids are just so amazing, we really should have a “child-like” attitude once in a while!


Feng Shui Your Marriage

Take this with as much fun or seriousness as needed :)

We know that Feng Shui is an ancient system that strives to achieve harmony between people and their surroundings/environment.  Ok, well it is all about the cause and effect: why things happen to us when they do and what can we do to steer ourselves onto a different path.

Re-ordering Chi in your space can affect every aspect of your life – even your chances of a happy marriage!  So, here are some tips from my Little Big Book for Brides to encourage good Chi on your day and in the lovely marital home.

The Wedding:

* A bride should go to her wedding in a red car, but if that isn’t going to happen then maroon, yellow or white will do and enhance yang energy! An endless knot should be tied to the front of the car, which signifies undying love between the couple.  Oooh & Ahhh!

* When the couple arrive at the reception venue, they should be greeted by a loud sound like the band or DJ playing loudly.  This has the double effect of representing yang energies.  So rock on!

* When decorating the reception venue, don’t have any dried flowers.  It’s also good to have all the colors of the nine lives represented somewhere – dark blue/black, red, yellow, pink, gold or purple, gray or silver, and white. This helps keep all the energies balanced, giving the couple an auspicious start to their marriage.

* Wedding vows should be exchanged within red envelope.  Red signifies strong yang energy, which will imbue your words with power and luck, while the rectangular shape of the envelope heralds back to the protection provided by ancient Chinese shields.

The Home:

* It is bad feng shui to have the marital bed reflected in a mirror (gasp!).  Why? Mirrors leave couples wanting to look elsewhere for more satisfaction.  These are the books words, not mine!

* Light earth tones are perfect for the bedroom because earth energies nurture your body.  Fiery colors like red and hot orange (which are lovely to me), should be avoided. While they do incite passions, they keep you from restful sleep.  Colors like blue and purple – avoid at all costs.

* Remove anything with pointy corners.  No explanation needed besides round and curved gives off better chi by mimicking the form of the body.

That’s a lot to do isn’t it?  Does anyone have other suggestions or have you implemented any of these particular options??


Always a Bridesmaid…

On your wedding day, flowers, friends, family and bridesmaids will surround the bride and lavish their attention on her (how great is that?).  In most traditional weddings, the bride has her bridesmaids wear some type of matching gowns, either by color or style.

Ever wonder how this custom originated?

In the West tradition, the practice of surrounding the bride with similarly dressed young women started as a defense against the bride-stealing Anglo-Saxon and Germanic marauders.  The earliest bridesmaids often dressed identically to the bride, in the same color gowns, to act as decoys and confuse potential kidnappers.

How scary!  It was also once believed that surrounding the bride with a flock of bridesmaids would ward off harmful spirits who might place a curse on the bride and groom’s happiness.  It was just crazy back in the day.

Luckily all you have to worry about now is getting to the ceremony on time!


Photo by Verge Photography, Laura & Calvin

Cocktail Warm-up

Spice up your event with a treat your guests will love.  A warm sangria.  Especially toasty and welcome at an evening gala or chilly cocktail reception.

Delicious and way more creative than the red/white wine offering!

You can find lots of recipes on-line or buy a pre-made version.  One of my favorites:

In a medium bowl, stir together 1 cup frozen peaches, 1 cup frozen cherries and 1/4 cup sugar.

Let stand until thawed (about 10 minutes)

In a medium pot. bring one 750 ml bottle dry red wine, and the fruit mixture to a simmer over med-high heat.

Remove from the heat and stir in 1/4 cup peach schnapps.

Feel free to add additional fruit.  I love to add orange and lemon slices!


Sparkling Flip-flops

Hair Comes The Bride has a fabulous sale on the Havaiana flip-flops with custom-jewels.  The selection is limited, but for $25 a pair – this deal is awesome!

I actually won a pair from them several months back and they are so comfortable.  So soft & plush. The jewels are very sparkly, especially in that fluorescent lighting you find in elevators and department stores ;)

You will love them!