Another Random Stat…

Not sure of the last time I met a bride that had a yellow gold engagement ring.  It seems white gold and platinum are rulers of the gems these days.  And to prove such a thing, here is a random stat showing only 9.85% of brides actually have yellow gold!


Demand for Yellow Gold

Engagement ring 9.85%
Bride’s wedding band 10.83%
Groom’s wedding band 14.03%

I Do or I Don’t!

A traditional registry would include picks of home goods such as pots & pans, bathroom towels and accessories, dishes, vases, and the sort.  Completing a registry is FUN!  You get to have your own little “gun” to scan any amount of items no matter how much they cost.


But, a lot of couples (my husband and I included!) choose to offer a honeymoon registry instead.  Sites like The Big Day and Honey Luna let your guests log-on to the site and choose specific amount gifts for certain activities like Scuba Diving lessons at $100.00.  The couple then receives a check in the mail for the total amount of “gifts” minus a small fee.


Of course, the couple doesn’t have to use the money for their honeymoon, they can use it to pay bills or part of their wedding costs!

The honeymoon registry option doesn’t seem to be as popular as the traditional gift registry at the chain stores, but it is very convenient for couples and guests.  What do you think?

LA Photo Party

Can you just feel the energy and fun from this picture?  Taken by the super-fun and creative LA Photo Party.

Unlike a traditional photo booth, here you get a 10′ background enough to fit up to 10 people in one shot and it seriously looks and feels like a fashion shoot!

To add to the action, the cameras are QUICK and catch pics. of jumping, dancing, pretty much anything.

Props provided!  Having taken part in a “photo shoot” of our own at the Your Wedding Day magazine party, I highly recommend La Photo Party.


Check us out!  From left: Amber from Amber Events, Me!, Christina from Simply Modern Weddings, Veronica from Wedding Jeannie and Tracy from Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge

Just a Random Stat

I will be posting wedding statistics here and there just for FYI.  Here’s the first one on Save-The-Dates.

Sounds like most couples are on the ball for finding and sending out their STDs…But who are the 3.04% looking less than one month before???  You can just send your invitation at that point!

When couples research or look for Save-the-date cards:

Less than 1 month before 3.04%

1 to 3 months before 8.11%

3 to 6 months before 16.22%

6 to 12 months before 37.16%

12 to 18 months before 21.62%

More than 18 months before 13.85%


Charming Display

How about a beautiful, glass-pretty display cabinet to showcase your guest’s escort cards?  Add flowers, favors, lighting, etc. for a more dramatic effect.

Just a thought!  As I browse through my home style magazine, I see these gorgeous cabinets and think – what could I put in here???  And forget full price if you don’t plan on keeping the cabinet long-term.  Browse yard sales, ask a family member or friend, search on-line sales or rent it.

Having an outdoor event with a more airy-feel?  Look for a cabinet with a pale color, weathered texture and chicken wire on the window panels.  Insta-country!