Language of Flowers

While browsing through the Bride’s Guide blog , I found this interesting write-up about flowers and their meaning:

  • crocus: cheerfulness
  • daisy: innocence
  • dogwood: duration
  • orchid: beauty
  • forget-me-not: remember me
  • freesia: innocence
  • geranium: true friendship
  • hellebore: calming
  • lady’s mantle: comfort
  • lilac: first emotions of love
  • pansy: you’re in my thoughts
  • peony: bashful
  • pink jasmine: I attach myself to you
  • ranunculus: radiant with charms
  • snowdrop: hope
  • sweet pea: delicate pleasures
  • tulip: declaration of love
  • white jasmine: amiability

Charmingly Cute Favors

From the Real Simple blog – Creative themed candy favors, which are ultra cute and will be such a thrill for your guests. 

* Mini gumball machines from Beaucoup (I am seriously considering these cuties for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party!)

* Mini cupcake lipgloss from Wedding Things (great idea for bridal showers)

* Cool bean jelly bean cocktail mixers from Beaucoup (available in delish flavors like lemon drop, mojito and bellini)

Picture this

I’m going to share a favorite link of mine I have saved for a couple years here on my trusty computer!  Although, I can’t say I have actually implemented any of these ideas at home, I have used the inspiration at weddings and other events for posting pictures and the outcome is just darling.

Easy ways to display your photos via the Real Simple magazine and website:

Frame Vintage Photos

To underscore the antique feeling, pair old photos with mirrors from a bygone era. Flea markets and second-hand shops are good sources for old mirrors and frames. Bright white mats heighten the yellowish tinge many old photos have; instead, opt for a pale color, like the taupe used here. Custom-cut acid-free four-ply rag mats, about $10 to $18 at frame shops.

Frame Loose Photos

Make a bulletin board from a flea-market frame and a piece of cork. Any old frame will work. Even a gaudy one — like this plastic castoff from the 1970s — looks chic when spray-painted white. Dress up thumbtacks by gluing wooden buttons to them (try Fabri-Tac, $7 at craft stores).

For an even easier solution, stick photos on the refrigerator with magnetic photo corners

Frame your child’s growth timeline or any other series of events

Light-color frames and generous white mats make color photos more artful (and work well with black and white, too). Choose three sizes, then vary the openings cut into the mats to create visual interest. Spectrum Series frames in natural, 8 by 10 inches, $10; 11 by 14 inches, $14; 16 by 20 inches, $18: MTS Frames; 800-242-7173 for store locations. Custom-cut acid-free four-ply rag mats in white, about $10 to $15 each at frame shops.




Frame your family history photos

Generations of family photos make a cohesive whole when hung in identical black frames with crisp white mats. For a timeless, sophisticated look, convert color pictures to black and white. Here, eight sizes of frames are mixed. Burnes Primary Black frames, from 3 1/2 by 5 inches to 8 by 12 inches, $6.50 to $13; North American Regal frames, from 8 by 10 inches to 12 by 36 inches, $11.50 to $23.50; custom-cut acid-free four-ply rag mats in white, $10 to $15 each.

A large collection of photos looks best grouped tightly — no more than an inch or two apart — in a rough square or rectangle.

Now, that’s Charming!

My ideas for the perfect bridal clutch are showcased below.  I think it is such a good idea for the bride to have a small accessory like this to store her lipstick, powder, and any other necessary item to make it through her special day.  And of course, look fabulous while doing so!

First Up:

Nelle Handbags the Cherub collection.  How cute and adorable are these? 

Next, Madison Gre from Etsy  an item that is sold out according to the blog, however you can use the style as inspiration when looking for something similar:

Finally, the Laura Merkin collection of clutches, but not just one – we’re talking about 50 different choices of fabric/color!  Pick one for yourself and choose a few more for your bridesmaids.  Your girls will love you for it!

The Dress

We don’t get many chances to accompany our brides on their “dress hunt” so I thought outlining some steps to finding the perfect gown would be ever so helpful.

You must have heard friends and family say “you will know it is THE dress when you put it on.”  Well, the time and frustration it takes to finally have that sensation can be lessened, by following these steps below and then the shopping and looking truly become a fun and fullfilling task!

* Follow the guidelines set by your venue and wedding location
For a formal evening wedding, a ball gown and long train could be perfect, while a daytime wedding on the beach will call for a more simple style.

* Set your budget
Figure out what your budget is and keep this number in your mind at all times and share it with the wedding gown sales folks.  Factor in the cost for your veil, undergarments and any other accessories.  Also count on at least some simple alterations and steaming.

* Know your style preference
Read and thumb through tons of bridal magazines and brochures.  Learn about fabrics, silhouettes, colors and more.  Keep a binder or scrapbook with pictures of dresses you love and bring it with you to the bridal gown shops.

* Ready, Set, Go!
You can start shopping as early as nine months before the big day.  Some dress manufacturers take up to six months to get your dress out! If you are short on time, visit chain stores that carry most of their designs in-house.  You can also try sample sales, and buy a dress off the rack.

* You really might like it!
Bridal gown consultants fit dresses on brides for a living, and they know what they are doing!  Try on the dresses she brings to you even if you would never give it a second glance on the rack.  It may not look like your stlye, but the dress may fit your body perfectly.

* Bring backup
Having your maid of honor, mom or best friend with you is great so that you get honest advice from people who know you the best.  You will also need backup in terms of nutrition!  Expect to try on at least 6 dresses and keep lots of water and snacks handy.  Bring your notebook so you can write down style numbers, colors, etc. Usually, photos are not allowed until you actually purchase the gown.

Most importantly, enjoy the experience! 


Dresses from top: Claire Pettibone, Judd Waddell, Kirstie Kelly, Monique Lhuillier, Jim Hjelm

Write, Invite

What a lovely array of paper goods at the Greer Chicago website.  I could get lost there for hours!  Among the various talent showcased, Greer also provides her own modern-day paper good in the form of a thank you card you take wherever you go and use when you feel like spreading some cheer!


And more of my favorites:

Daisy notecards by Binth

Bouquet notecard/imprintable, round invitations and butterfly stationary by Snow & Graham

Luxury boxed note cards from G. Lalo (many colors available!)