Charming Events in 2010

Happy New Year!

I haven’t blogged in quite a while but you will see lots of Twitter updates (so much quicker and easier to do!).  I LOVE posting on my blog so I promise to keep up my visual updates as well.

2010 is turning out to be a fantastic year with goals already being met such as my 5k run, which I completed yesterday.  Never really thought I could do or want to do such a thing but I am hooked!

One thing I realized just recently was that the mentors and colleagues I looked to for inspiration had a couple things in common: Faith in a higher power and a passion for taking care of themselves.  Pretty much love of God, faith and an active lifestyle.  All things I practiced “once in a while” but didn’t place on the top of my list.

I look forward to a wonderful, healthy, and loving 2010 with my friends, family and clients.  Thank you to all of our brides and grooms have chosen Charming Events to help plan and ensure their wedding days.  We are so excited to be there for you!

p.s. I came in at #463 at the 5k, which is completely thrilling to me especially since there were 817 runners!  My next run is in February and my goal is to bump up my place in line.