Wedding Day Creativity

How much do I love outside-the-box thinking when it comes to the wedding day?  Adore it!  Changing it up is very encouraged.  No need to follow the book, unless you want to, of course.

This wedding has vintage and fun splashed all over it.  Photos by Jen Stewart Photography.

Just take a look at the beautiful and glamorous venue, the Crest Theatre. Perfect setting for creating a Hollywood Elegance feel.

jen stewart vintage 1

jen stewart vintage 2

jen stewart vintage 3

jen stewart vintage 4

jen stewart vintage 5

jen stewart vintage 6

jen stewart vintage 7

Kym & Andrew

The wedding ceremony of Kym and Andrew was short but so sweet.  Kym and I have sent so many brides down the aisle and here was her turn to shine.  She looked amazing.  I walked into her bridal room at the church to give a band-aid to one of her bridesmaids and I see Kym in the back, fanning herself and I asked her – “Are you crying already?” She said she had just read a letter Andrew had sent over to her.  She held it together pretty good until the toasts!

At the reception, Kym’s dad spoke about her as a child and his love for his daughter.  He wrote her a poem and that pretty much opened the flood gates, for me that is!  I could not stop crying and then I started thinking of my own baby girl and that made it worse.  Well, Kym was also very emotional, and of course that makes me more emotional….you get the picture.  Touching and so memorable.  The March family is so full of love and they are just the warmest people.

As an added perk, guests were able to choose an El Adobe staple, the enchilada and chile relleno meal complete with beans and rice.  Chips and salsa on the table and Coronas from the bar – guests were set!

Are they just the most beautiful couple?  Kym & Andrew’s wedding was FUN!  I think it is a great compliment to the couple when you can actually say you had fun at their wedding and don’t want it to end.  Well, it did end for us but with a sweet ending, indeed!  My hubby and I left with a bag filled with yummy sour candy from Kym’s great sweet bar.

Here are some pictures from Ms. Fabulous-ness, herself – Trista Lerit









Eram & Anees – A Bit of Eye Candy

Courtesy of the lovely Amy Squires, here are some beautiful peeks at the wedding of Eram and Anees at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa in Huntington Beach.

There were so many details like the buri fans for female guests, trays of sweet yummy dates handed out to guests after the ceremony, the drummer, chocolate-colored lighting, wishing tree with hanging votives, and much more that made this event just breathtaking in every way.

I’m overly excited to see every single picture from Eram and Anees’s wedding day!

collage by amy squires

Extra Special Wedding

Tomorrow, June 6th, 2009 will be one of our most special weddings ever.  It’s Kym’s wedding day and she is a Charming Events Lead Coordinator and has even branched out on her own recently.

Kym began with CE as in intern back in 2007 and she really wowed me and all our clients.  Her organization and attention to the details were evident as she attended as many events as possible, learning the A to Z’s of planning, management, timing and all other aspects of what we do.

I’m SO excited for her wedding tomorrow.  Not just to see her walk down the aisle but to have some fun and enjoy her day’s specifics like the beautiful church ceremony, flowers, colors, margaritas, Trista’s work, and oh did I mention margaritas?

bio pic