Kym & Andrew

The wedding ceremony of Kym and Andrew was short but so sweet.  Kym and I have sent so many brides down the aisle and here was her turn to shine.  She looked amazing.  I walked into her bridal room at the church to give a band-aid to one of her bridesmaids and I see Kym in the back, fanning herself and I asked her – “Are you crying already?” She said she had just read a letter Andrew had sent over to her.  She held it together pretty good until the toasts!

At the reception, Kym’s dad spoke about her as a child and his love for his daughter.  He wrote her a poem and that pretty much opened the flood gates, for me that is!  I could not stop crying and then I started thinking of my own baby girl and that made it worse.  Well, Kym was also very emotional, and of course that makes me more emotional….you get the picture.  Touching and so memorable.  The March family is so full of love and they are just the warmest people.

As an added perk, guests were able to choose an El Adobe staple, the enchilada and chile relleno meal complete with beans and rice.  Chips and salsa on the table and Coronas from the bar – guests were set!

Are they just the most beautiful couple?  Kym & Andrew’s wedding was FUN!  I think it is a great compliment to the couple when you can actually say you had fun at their wedding and don’t want it to end.  Well, it did end for us but with a sweet ending, indeed!  My hubby and I left with a bag filled with yummy sour candy from Kym’s great sweet bar.

Here are some pictures from Ms. Fabulous-ness, herself – Trista Lerit









One thought on “Kym & Andrew

  1. The colors that were in this wedding are the ones i want i love the tables and the chips and dip on the tables and i just all around love everything im getting married next year and i am just kinda trying to figure out some ideas and things i wanted to no how much the wedding cost and just little details about the wedding so please write me back and i would love to no what you all did for your wedding and how it all planed out. thank you

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