Traditions – Your Way

I read somewhere that the top 5 T-day traditions are:

1) Eating turkey and and all the trimmings (have you tried a deep-fried version yet?  It’s good!)

2) Watching football

3) NYC’s Macy’s parade

4) Making a wish over breaking the wishbone

5) Giving thanks

Since starting my own family, I have chosen to keep some traditions that I learned through my parents, and I have let some go.

Some traditions I kept: Opening one present on Christmas Eve, taking my kids to church, Sitting at the table for dinner and trying to have a conversation, visiting Vegas several times a year for no particular reason and picking names for my kiddos that start with the same letter (T)

Some traditions I dropped: Having one Thanksgiving meal a day and driving around to various homes, Enjoying Sunday morning donuts (I should bring that back), and leaving our house way too early on Christmas morning to go somewhere else.

Traditions are made by you in your every day life routines.  They don’t necessarily have to be related to holidays, but that is what we think of primarly when talking ‘tradition shop.’

Try bringing your favorite traditions into your special events.  What better way to personalize a wedding or other life celebration than to incorporate little pieces of you and your significant other, family and friends.

Yes, guests will whisper behind your back and think you are just crazy for choosing to do things differently.  But, this is your time and your true self should shine!

If you like to have dessert before your dinner, go for it!  Ghasp!  Yes, I know, the horrible things people will say but will your event be remembered by all and be discussed for a very long time?  You know it!

Tired of the “what are you thankful for” pieces of paper that you throw into a bowl and read year after year?  Have a photo or video booth-type set-up where guests can take pictures, be recorded, or write a note and place into a book.

Taking risks and doing things “your way” is encouraged!  Think outside the box, find what truly makes you happy and giddy, recall your favorite childhood moments (lemon heads, bike rides and slumber parties for me!), and dare to make your event your own.

The Handwritten Note

Some consider it a lost art, the handwritten note.  Such a little thing can mean so much!  But wait, little?  Maybe not so much when you are talking 150 thank you cards to wedding guests.  However, it can and should be done.

Some tips to make the task a little easier:

*Make it fun by shopping around for the perfect thank you card stationary (if you didn’t order cards with your invites).  Visit local paper stores like Paper Source and Sugar Press.   Search on-line sites for tons of inspiration and ideas. Some of my favs: Lucky Orchid Wedding, Wedding Paper Divas, Hello Lucky.

* Start to prepare the cards in the months leading up to your wedding.  Stamp and place your return address on them.

* Write out a thank you card as each gift arrives.

* Take turns!  Have your spouse take part in the writing fun.  This after-wedding job usually falls on the bride, but both of you can enjoy an evening of wine & writing.  Throw in some reminiscing about the wedding day and you have yourself a truly romantic time!

For more tips on specifics like when, how and what with Thank You cards, visit the Wedding Paper Divas blog for some great, informative information.

From top: Sugar Press, Wedding Paper Divas, Hello Lucky

It’s Rustic and it’s vintage and it’s lovely

I’m working with one of my fabulous 2010 brides on her detail-infused, rustic yet elegant and vintage wedding.  We have had so much fun going over ideas and more ideas.  Browsing some blogs, I found these great photos that really capture a similar feel.

Our details actually have more lace, more birch wood and lots of jewels.  Oh I can’t wait to share!

If you have a favorite blog featuring this theme, please feel free to share!

rustic centerpieces she walks in beauty


steph_williams_01 green wedding shoes

project wedding

From top: She Walks In Beauty blog, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Project Wedding

Holiday Photography That Is So Sweet

I didn’t personally know baby Allison Zicree, but I knew of her.  I was told that she was very ill and trying to fight for her little life due to a battle with leukemia.  The Zicree family is having to deal with not only the task of getting through life without their baby, but to face the financial struggles due to this tragedy.

My friend and Photographer, Lisa from Lisa Marie Figueroa Photography is offering holiday sessions, which will benefit the Zicree family.

Visit Lisa’s site for more info.

a zicree

Wedding Costs Increase

Stat of the Week presented to you by the Wedding Report.

These numbers are significantly higher.  Looks like October is a super-popular month to be married in.  I personally love it, cooler and right before the holidays just makes for a great end-of-the-year celebration!

And love to see that the demand for a Coordinator is on the rise.  Have you noticed more friends and family getting married in October?

Top Spending Changes

Q2 2009 Q3 2009 % Chg
Reception Bar Service $1,617 $2,732 69%
Ordained Friend, Family Member $113 $189 67%
Reception Food Service $2,786 $4,326 55%
Live Band $1,438 $2,198 53%
Antique Car Rental $576 $875 52%

Top Demand Changes

Q2 2009 Q3 2009 % Chg
Day-of-Coordinator 6% 24% 294%
A La Carte Services 4% 14% 239%
Watch for Bride 4% 14% 218%
Live Band 12% 39% 212%
Musician/s, Soloist, or Ensemble 13% 39% 210%