Updated Blog With Baby Pictures!

For all of you who were just dying to see my baby’s pictures – they are here!  You can view samples on my original post back in March. 

I would like to say again how wonderful the photographer is – Trista!  You are amazing and thank you again for taking such beautiful pictures of my baby.  You can contact Trista for wedding pictures, maternity pictures, baby pictures, all kinds of photo sessions at www.tristalerit.com

Cristina & Umair

Since i’m adding pictures of way-back-when weddings, I absolutely had to showcase Cristina & Umair’s Wedding Celebration.  Their entire event consisted of several days and included the Mendhi, traditional wedding and Walima.  The snapshots i’m posting are a mixture of the different days. 

Cristina & Umair are just wonderful people and a couple that are so in love with each other.  I had such a great time working with them during the planning stages.  They even invited my hubby and I to their Mendhi ceremony – it was so much fun! 

Their photographer was Ira Lippke (www.iralippke.com) who has such a great eye for the perfect photo.  Out of the hundreds of pictures he gave the couple, it was hard for me to just pick a few!  The traditional wedding ceremony and reception was held at the Muckenthaler Center in Fullerton.  For a summer wedding, this site is perfect with the outdoor grass area and plenty of space for hanging votives, lanterns and other lighting options.

Thanks to Cristina & Umair for hiring me as their Planner back in the day when I was first starting out.  They put their trust in me and for that I will always be grateful!
















Lisa & Sal

Ok, so Lisa & Sal got married back in September 2005 – but I never did update my website gallery to showcase their pictures so here they are!  Lisa has been a great friend and I was honored to be a part of her wedding day.  We have known each other since I was planning my own wedding back in 2003!  The couple have an adorable son who was just the perfect ring bearer. 

The wedding day was sunny and just beautiful and held at the Reef in Long Beach.  The view of the coastline is breathtaking, especially at sundown.  Luckily, I got to do another wedding there just months after.  Their photographer was Marlin Munoz, a friend of mine who works with his wife Marlene and they are so amazing (www.marlinmunoz.com).

Better late than never right!? 













Just Beach-y!

Summer is coming and many engaged couples dream of having their wedding on a beautiful ocean front venue.  Or even better, right on the beach!  The truth is, there are a lot of restrictions and guidelines to follow if you do plan to conduct your ceremony on the sand.  Orange County cities all vary in terms of rules, regulations and all that legal stuff so make sure to know all of this early on.

We can help if you become completely overwhelmed by everything else you have going on and need someone to just lay out the details for ya.  AND, we are also available for destination weddings – so if the beaches of Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or any other tropical island sound like a tempting choice, we are more than willing to guide you through the process of making it happen. 

You can have the beach wedding of your dreams – the possibilities are endless!




Another Birthday

So, my birthday is next week.  I’m not even sure what day! I tried to stop celebrating it a few years ago but my husband won’t allow that.  I really should use the day as an excuse to celebrate, get all dressed up and eat & drink to my heart’s content.  But there is so much else to do.  My baby is already 6 months old and it feels to me like I just brought her home from the hospital a few weeks ago!  Time just flies by and even thought that is a total cliche, it is so true!

My point is that I refuse to acknowledge another entire year has passed so I try to ignore my birthday! How funny is that?? I have to say, I am very much looking forward to the events coming up: A Sweet 16 unlike any other, A wedding at the beautiful Cicada venue in Los Angeles, the lucky day wedding on 7/7/7, and much more.

Now those are definitely worth celebrating ;) 

Natalia & Yop

This past weekend I coordinated a wedding for Natalia and Yop at the Doubletree Hotel in Santa Ana.  What a beautiful couple!  Their family and friends were just the most helpful and happy people!  Their photographer was Eddie from Roman Studio (www.romanstudio.com) and Eddie and his team were great.  They even set-up a slideshow during the reception to showcase photographs taken throughout the day.

The wedding colors were light celadon green and white.  As you will see in the snapshots below, the placecard holders/favors were another style of potted plant like Stephanie & Josh had (see post below).  The guests loved this! The guests enjoyed an eight course meal with selections like special house lobster, lotus leaf rice and braised duck.  Servers refilled guest glasses with wine and cognac at their tables.  For an extra treat, a candy/cookie/munchie buffet was available for those with nightime cravings!  The day was a true success and the couple is off enjoying their honeymoon.















We get lots (and I mean lots!) of inquiries here at Charming Events from those of you wanting to become wedding and event planners asking if we have any openings.  I am pleased to say we have had this opportunity available for a while now, however, not many folks take advantage of it!  The reason why? Probably because of the hard work and lengthy process it takes for you to be considered and oh yeah- we don’t pay! 

We offer internships to those selected, which means you spend at least 80 hours or more working for free to gain knowledge and experience, which is a great payment in itself! Then, you might be considered to help as an Assistant. As the owner of this firm, CE is my passion and I expect nothing less than absolute professionalism and determination from anyone wanting to join my team.

I am a true believer in giving people a chance – that is, allowing someone to prove to me they can do the job. If becoming an event planner is your dream, then I applaud you for seeking out internships so that you gain experience instead of stepping out into the field alone, without having a clue what to do!  Yes, we all have planned our friend’s wedding or our sister’s bridal shower but to have a paying client, vendors and guests all counting on you is a whole other ballgame. 

So, to those that are still interested, please feel free to call me and we can set-up a meeting if you match our initial qualifications.  And best of luck persuing your dreams!

Great website

Don’t you love stumbling onto a great, fun website that is full of fun party stuff?? I found out about this website from a colleague of mine.  The one item I was so thrilled with was the stickers you can custom-make and place on doors, floors, behind your cake table, the possibilities are endless!  Gobo lighting is great but you are very limited in terms of locations.  And the site is not just for weddings and other special events – they have a section for your home too.


They also have wedding favors, which can be customized with your monogram and they look just divine!  The candy boxes are only $1.00 each – very affordable and you can fill with your favorite edible treat.



Green Weddings

I found this article about Green Weddings which are very popular right now.  You can’t get a wedding magazine without reading an article about how to create a green wedding. I love some of the ideas such as recycled invitations, potted plants as favors, using locally grown flowers.  These are things couples can do without sacrificing the beauty and elegance of their wedding!  I’m somewhat of a “tree hugger” myself so I make sure to recycle my newspapers and buy recycled copy paper and those kinds of things – but I definitely could be doing more!  Anywho – enjoy the read. 


Vendor Relationships

It is absolutely vital to have great relationships with your vendors.  This goes for both Consultant and Bride.  One of the things you do during your first couple years or so of being a Consultant is to develop your “vendor list” which for me happened to be only those vendors I have personally worked with or got as a referral from a colleague.  I just don’t feel comfortable referring a vendor to my client when I haven’t worked them or know someone that has. 

 So this vendor list grows through the years, and yes, it can also become smaller because sometimes you just have to delete a vendor off your list for one reason or another!  These professionals that I refer are wonderful and I have full confidence in their abilities when I sent my clients their way.  As a Bride or Groom, you should have the same confidence in your vendors. 

When you start to look for your photographer, florist, baker, etc., make sure to ask a lot of questions that will give you a glimpse of their style.  So, ask your DJ what they like about performing at weddings, how did they get started in the industry, what types of music do they listen to on their own time?  Answers to these questions can give you a better chance of finding the right vendor for you.  And interview at least a few vendors in each category!  That goes for your Coordinator, as well.  You will be working very closely with your Coordinator and you want to make sure there is a great fit between you both.

Anyway, the whole reason I decided to write about this was because I got the chance to work with my favorite florist – which I wrote about below – who is working on the flowers for the Sweet 16 Event in May. Jen, from the Orange Blossom, is so dedicated to everything she does and she is the ultimate professional.  Any time I get the chance to work with her it makes my job easier.  I love being able to say that about all my vendors.