Crossline Church Luncheon

So excited when my friend and colleague Liz King, Li’K Designs, called me and asked if I would be interested in helping plan an open house luncheon for the beautiful Crossline Church Venue, along with some favorite vendors of mine.

We got right to work with the lovely Gayla, Weddings Director, and had the most fun planning all the fun details.  Thank you to Gayla for having The Charming Little Event Company as a preferred vendor!!

I suggested to Gayla that she contact Mary over at Jay’s Catering for the food and beverage since that would be a guaranteed success!  It was beyond that! Delish….

Crossline Church is a hidden gem amid the hustle & bustle of civic facilities and Moulton Parkway.  Drive up and around a hill and voila!!  A stunning ceremony and reception location with a huge lake in the background.  A must see.

Thanks to Gavin Wade Photo – Gavin and Erin for the beautiful pictures and brand spankin’ new marketing photos!

Reher’s Florist designed the altar arrangement, utilizing the existing items, which was super-creative and looked fabulous!  Jana also created table arrangements that incorporated pops of bright colors, which really set off the neutral linen palette.  Gorgeous!

Thanks to Fusion Linen for the stunning, romantic and chic linens PLUS the modern and comfy lounge furniture – a must for your event!  Fusion can always be count on to help out and they are a truly loved organization within the wedding community.

Thanks to Aki for the hand roll sushi station! Yummy!  He does way more than sushi too.

Thanks to Catherine, Catherine Joanne Cakes, for the most gorgeous and tasty cookies.  Wow almost too pretty to eat!  Almost…

And thank you to Cori, Events by Cori who was also asked to help plan the luncheon and she jumped right in to help with invites, rsvps, designs and more.

ABC-OC October Vendor Fair at the Promenade & Gardens

Another successful and gorgeous event hosted by the Association of Bridal Consultants, Orange County.  Turnip Rose’s Promenade & Gardens provided the perfect setting for our second Vendor Fair of the year.  The service, food and location were fabulous and I highly recommend them for events.  Thanks to Maria Longhi for photographing the evening for us.

More pictures and information on the vendors is here.

Association of Bridal Consultants OC, meeting at House of Blues Anaheim

Fabulous decor and an ultra-cool venue, House of Blues Anaheim, made for one of our best ABC-OC meetings yet.  Thanks to Marlin Munoz Photography for the gorgeous photos and to Greenleaf designs for the florals and accents.

Mary Dann was our guest speaker, presenting tips and tools on how to expand your team without overextending yourself.  We all need that!

See blog post here via the ABC-OC blog for more eye candy…



Association of Bridal Consultants, Orange County

I’m really loving my new role as the Co-Director of Programs for the ABC-OC Chapter.  Keeping me VERY busy (unlike any other time) but I love the interaction with peers and meeting the best and greatest in the industry.

For a glimpse into my life in this new role, check out my blog post on The Aisle – the official blog of ABC-OC.  I wrote a re-cap from our February Coordinator meeting held at The Dock in Newport Beach.  What a gorgeous and hidden little gem!

So many details go into executing a fabulous meeting, even though it was only two hours long!

Thanks to Joel at Studio EMP for the wonderful photographs!


Traditions – Your Way

I read somewhere that the top 5 T-day traditions are:

1) Eating turkey and and all the trimmings (have you tried a deep-fried version yet?  It’s good!)

2) Watching football

3) NYC’s Macy’s parade

4) Making a wish over breaking the wishbone

5) Giving thanks

Since starting my own family, I have chosen to keep some traditions that I learned through my parents, and I have let some go.

Some traditions I kept: Opening one present on Christmas Eve, taking my kids to church, Sitting at the table for dinner and trying to have a conversation, visiting Vegas several times a year for no particular reason and picking names for my kiddos that start with the same letter (T)

Some traditions I dropped: Having one Thanksgiving meal a day and driving around to various homes, Enjoying Sunday morning donuts (I should bring that back), and leaving our house way too early on Christmas morning to go somewhere else.

Traditions are made by you in your every day life routines.  They don’t necessarily have to be related to holidays, but that is what we think of primarly when talking ‘tradition shop.’

Try bringing your favorite traditions into your special events.  What better way to personalize a wedding or other life celebration than to incorporate little pieces of you and your significant other, family and friends.

Yes, guests will whisper behind your back and think you are just crazy for choosing to do things differently.  But, this is your time and your true self should shine!

If you like to have dessert before your dinner, go for it!  Ghasp!  Yes, I know, the horrible things people will say but will your event be remembered by all and be discussed for a very long time?  You know it!

Tired of the “what are you thankful for” pieces of paper that you throw into a bowl and read year after year?  Have a photo or video booth-type set-up where guests can take pictures, be recorded, or write a note and place into a book.

Taking risks and doing things “your way” is encouraged!  Think outside the box, find what truly makes you happy and giddy, recall your favorite childhood moments (lemon heads, bike rides and slumber parties for me!), and dare to make your event your own.

Vintage Halloween Party

We love Black & Orange, but we adore Halloween in other hues!  Here are some pictures of a fabulous, vintage Halloween party held at Franklin Canyon Park put on by the following:

Yelena Johnson of The Stylish Soiree, Carissa Jones of JL Designs ,  Melody Brandon of Sweet and Saucy Shop, Shay Scott at IS Vodka, Katrina of Calligraphy Katrina and Maison du Papier, Shae of the fabulous Mint Photo Lounge, Desiree at Wildflower Linen, and DJ Crash of Crash Entertainment

I wish I could have attended this fun industry event but at least we have these amazing photos by Meg Perotti to share!

My Charming favorites: The mismatched decor pieces of different colors and textures and the furniture that gives a feeling of comfy & cozy living rooms!