Traditions – Your Way

I read somewhere that the top 5 T-day traditions are:

1) Eating turkey and and all the trimmings (have you tried a deep-fried version yet?  It’s good!)

2) Watching football

3) NYC’s Macy’s parade

4) Making a wish over breaking the wishbone

5) Giving thanks

Since starting my own family, I have chosen to keep some traditions that I learned through my parents, and I have let some go.

Some traditions I kept: Opening one present on Christmas Eve, taking my kids to church, Sitting at the table for dinner and trying to have a conversation, visiting Vegas several times a year for no particular reason and picking names for my kiddos that start with the same letter (T)

Some traditions I dropped: Having one Thanksgiving meal a day and driving around to various homes, Enjoying Sunday morning donuts (I should bring that back), and leaving our house way too early on Christmas morning to go somewhere else.

Traditions are made by you in your every day life routines.  They don’t necessarily have to be related to holidays, but that is what we think of primarly when talking ‘tradition shop.’

Try bringing your favorite traditions into your special events.  What better way to personalize a wedding or other life celebration than to incorporate little pieces of you and your significant other, family and friends.

Yes, guests will whisper behind your back and think you are just crazy for choosing to do things differently.  But, this is your time and your true self should shine!

If you like to have dessert before your dinner, go for it!  Ghasp!  Yes, I know, the horrible things people will say but will your event be remembered by all and be discussed for a very long time?  You know it!

Tired of the “what are you thankful for” pieces of paper that you throw into a bowl and read year after year?  Have a photo or video booth-type set-up where guests can take pictures, be recorded, or write a note and place into a book.

Taking risks and doing things “your way” is encouraged!  Think outside the box, find what truly makes you happy and giddy, recall your favorite childhood moments (lemon heads, bike rides and slumber parties for me!), and dare to make your event your own.

2 thoughts on “Traditions – Your Way

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