Here’s To A Charming New Year!

Writing that 2012 was challenging would be a complete understatement.  However, along with those challenges came an abundance of blessings!  I feel so lucky to be doing what I love, along with the best of the best clients, vendors and our team.  It sounds like every Wedding Planner says this but I truly feel my couples are the BEST!!!  Not only working with these brides and grooms, but forming friendships that will endure.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us Plan, Design and Coordinate events with a fierce passion just like ours.  Here’s to a beautiful, blessed and happy new year.

Some 2012 highlights:

* Added Lana to our team to help with design elements and brother – she is good!

* Came back to my office space with some of the best women in the industry

* Honored to have been added to a few more venue preferred vendor lists – yay!

* Didn’t get a non-profit event that I spend the MOST hours prepping for, however, the experience gained was so beneficial that I felt as if I did get the work

* Proudly took my baby girl to first grade (I still cannot believe it). And took my baby boy to his last year of preschool before Kinder.

* Battled a scary and awful life situation for almost an entire year – thank you God for getting us all through it – and making me stronger at the end

* Worked at some of our favorite and new-to-us venues such as: Marriott Newport Beach, Peninsula Beverly Hills, Trump National Golf Club, Bella Collina

* Seriously, I have been so lucky and every day of the year had its own shareable moment.  Too bad I can’t list them all.

Happy New Year everyone!  We would love to help plan your wedding day so please e-mail or call us to get started!

Thank you Joy Ever After blog for the pretty 2013 image!

Good Morning Granola

I’m a huge fan of granola, not in the fashion sense, just the crumbly, crunchy stuff!

My kids love it just as much.  At McD’s, they don’t want chicken nuggets or hamburgers, they go right for the yogurt parfait.  At home we make our treats with Sprouts granola, blackberries and yogurt.  Yum!

Of course, I went giddy with the sight of these jars and labels from Pink Peacock Designs , and you can print your own free here.  Fabulous Christmas gifts or as a display on Christmas morning among the french toast, eggs and fruit.

Traditions – Your Way

I read somewhere that the top 5 T-day traditions are:

1) Eating turkey and and all the trimmings (have you tried a deep-fried version yet?  It’s good!)

2) Watching football

3) NYC’s Macy’s parade

4) Making a wish over breaking the wishbone

5) Giving thanks

Since starting my own family, I have chosen to keep some traditions that I learned through my parents, and I have let some go.

Some traditions I kept: Opening one present on Christmas Eve, taking my kids to church, Sitting at the table for dinner and trying to have a conversation, visiting Vegas several times a year for no particular reason and picking names for my kiddos that start with the same letter (T)

Some traditions I dropped: Having one Thanksgiving meal a day and driving around to various homes, Enjoying Sunday morning donuts (I should bring that back), and leaving our house way too early on Christmas morning to go somewhere else.

Traditions are made by you in your every day life routines.  They don’t necessarily have to be related to holidays, but that is what we think of primarly when talking ‘tradition shop.’

Try bringing your favorite traditions into your special events.  What better way to personalize a wedding or other life celebration than to incorporate little pieces of you and your significant other, family and friends.

Yes, guests will whisper behind your back and think you are just crazy for choosing to do things differently.  But, this is your time and your true self should shine!

If you like to have dessert before your dinner, go for it!  Ghasp!  Yes, I know, the horrible things people will say but will your event be remembered by all and be discussed for a very long time?  You know it!

Tired of the “what are you thankful for” pieces of paper that you throw into a bowl and read year after year?  Have a photo or video booth-type set-up where guests can take pictures, be recorded, or write a note and place into a book.

Taking risks and doing things “your way” is encouraged!  Think outside the box, find what truly makes you happy and giddy, recall your favorite childhood moments (lemon heads, bike rides and slumber parties for me!), and dare to make your event your own.

Halloween Treat

Do you ever stumble upon an idea randomly and maybe even jot it down on the Blackberry to remember later but then never actually implement it?  I have so many ideas and inspirations everywhere I go, it’s hard to keep track.

Well, as I shopped at the not-so-inspirational local Ralphs market a few weeks back, looking for something I can make for my daughter’s school Halloween Party.  I thought “hmm, those Milano cookies would make cute headstone shapes for Halloween…maybe in a pan of brownies or pudding…”

Ok, fast-forward to today when I find the ever so cute cupcake by the ladies at No Fuss Fabulous and they used that same cookie to make a headstone and added stenciling for the detail R.I.P

Gotta love it!


I HEART Valentine’s Day

Guess what special day is creeping up on us?  The lovely but sometimes not so exciting Valentine’s day.  Make your romantic dinner or all friends party a fabulous event!

A plus for me and maybe for you, as well, is all the red you brought out for the holidays can be used at this time too.  I have the most darling red votive holders and shiny red charger plates, which I can definitely incorporate into my February Valentine style.

I’m also loving these arrangements and decor ideas from Martha Stewart’s website.


Candy bag favors (or use them as place settings)



Hot-hot long table centerpieces.  Add more votives for a more romantic feel.


Tea bag tags for after-dinner treats or use as favors by placing tea bags in pink or red gift-card size envelopes


Flower vases filled with conversation hearts.  Use red-hots (candy) for a deeper red color and enjoy eating them after the party! 


No wires or tricky put-together hardware for this charming bunch of roses.  Just cut stems short and place into tiny vases/containers and shape into a heart.  Voila!


A VERY Happy Holiday Gift

So, here it is, my early Christmas present:


The Blackberry Storm!  Thank you to my awesome husband for this delightful gift!

I just received it via the very nice FedEx delivery person.  Being that this is, technically, my holiday gift, I cannot (will not!) open it until Christmas morning.  The box seal is perfectly in tact so far.

Ok, let’s see – that means 6 days.  I can wait 6 days….right?

Halloween Craft

I wanted to pass along this cute craft idea I received via a Paper Source e-mail…Long gone have been the days when kids make their own bags for trick-or-treating so this is so refreshing and fun!

Don’t send your favorite ghoul out with any old trick or treat bag, with out trick or treat kit, they can make one that goes with their costume instead. These keen bags are so easy to make and with a little help they will keep the kids busy for quite a while… now that’s a good idea.

ABC Holiday Party

ABC threw a great party Tuesday night at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine.  The final get-together of the year included invitations to member’s spouses and signficant others, which my husband loved because he always hears me talking about the fun we have!

In addition to providing great cocktail hour music, an icy martini bar and festive carolers, hundreds of toys were collected for the Spark of Love Toy Drive

My favorite highlights of the night are below.

The beautiful and chic name tags made by Allison at Ink Invitations


Table centerpieces, which looked fabulous with the surrounding white, whispy pipe and drape:


So modern: Long banquet-style tables that changed different colors.  Love these!


Jim Kennedy provided the foto cabina for fun pictures and take-home memories! This photo booth energy was so energetic.  The pictures are taken quickly and are ready very soon so little to no waiting time!  My Assistant Kym and her boyfriend Andrew about to take some pics:


Kym and I posing for the blog!


Had to share this picture of the beautiful dessert, however, as you can see, I didn’t even take one bite because y’all know when drinking beer, sweets don’t mix! Notice the beer bottle conveniently in shot.


I promise I do have pictures of hubby and I in the photobooth but I can’t find them. Once I do, i’ll share the joy!