Jonah and Michael, Portofino Hotel

A beautiful day in November for Jonah and Michael to be married at Saint James Catholic Church Redondo Beach. We were delighted to be helping with the reception at The Portofino Hotel.  Jonah loved a sparkle and “bling” look and she made sure to enhance the decor with plenty of shine!  Right away you are drawn in with the rich and deep colors from the florals. These arrangements were simply stunning with all the jewel accents that made them stand out even more by reflection.

A wonderful color palette for this time of year showcasing deep red, purple and violet colors. Our bride looked amazing as she changed into her short dress for the reception.  Everything seemed to glow and shine at the reception. So many jewel accents highlighted the room and created a glowing effect inside. We were happy to see the lighting on the patio which gave another option for guests to enjoy the outdoor view. One of the benefits of having your reception at The Portofino is that you can catch beautiful sunset photos. These are timeless photos that will add such class to your wedding photo portfolio. The boat shot is our favorite from today!

For a sweet treat, guests had their choice of candy from the candy bar. This was a beautiful display again with the jewels and silver really highlighting the traditional black and white colors. Their cake was gorgeous with the jewel wrap around and metallic initials on top. The pop of color from the wrap around flowers was such a complimentary contrast.

We were thrilled to be part of this romantic evening with Jonah, Michael, their family and guests. Thank you for the opportunity to have The Charming Little Event Company be part of your memory.

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