Santa Ana – Weather Perfect

According to the WeatherBill Report, Santa Ana ranks as the second best destination in the country for an outdoor wedding!  Probably not the most popular choice of location for most, but read on for more info.

WeatherBill said Santa Ana’s proximity to beautiful beaches, mountains and the Santa Ana River make it a lovely backdrop for outdoor weddings.  The report is focused on weather, not venues, vendors, or the like.

Santa Ana averages less than one rainy day a month during the peak wedding season of May – October.  Average temp: 70 degrees.  Pretty nice!

San Diego was the number one location pick for brides & grooms, San Francisco ranked number 3, and Los Angeles, fourth. 

Its Cocktail Hour, Everyone!

You have one hour or less for this start-the-party, mingling affair.  You can go traditional with the standard bar and passed hors d’oeuvres or really play up your event’s personality by offering uncommon food, drink, decor and entertainment!

Here are some ideas that add a lot of ooh & aah to any soiree:


A smoothie bar, pictured by The Knot, which showcased an event that offered strawberry and pina colada shakes during cocktail hour.  Who wouldn’t love that?

A steel-drum band played as guests sipped champagne, noshed on appetizers such as caramel-seared Caribbean prawns and Thai-style vegetable curry baked in phyllo dough, courtesy of The Knot


Fresh lemonade that looks absolutely irresistible, perfect for an outdoor reception.

Beautiful and original cocktail napkins from Loft Party.

Champagne scented candles by Illuminations.

Beach house chandelier by Illuminations. On items such as these with heftier price tags ($119) consider them if you will take them and use them in your home afterward.  Or buy for your home, use for your party!

Wall art by Wonderful Graffiti – use on mirrors, doors, walls, etc.


Mini donuts made right on the spot by The Fry Girl.  I can tell you that these sweet, little wonders will keep your guests happy the rest of the day!

With goodies & looks like these before your reception starts, the anticipation of the night ahead will definitely get your party going.

Groom’s Cake

A groom’s cake is a wedding tradition typically associated with the American South.  According to old-time legend, a young, single lady who sleeps with a slice of groom’s cake under her pillow will supposedly dream of the man she will marry.  Wow…I don’t think that happens anymore, but would love to hear about it!

I don’t see a groom’s cake too often and would love to see more.  The options for this cake are endless and can be personalized and so fun.  This cake is all about him, and he deserves it!  We know 99.9% of the time, the bride chooses the wedding cake details and accents and maybe the groom gets a vote on the flavor!

Definitely consider adding this additional, personal touch to your special day. The guests and the groom are guaranteed to remember it forever.

These fabulous sweets are courtest of Brides website. 

Color Series – Pink

I have to admit, I am a pink addict!  I can’t pass up a new shade of pink lipgloss, the shine of a pale pink nail lacquer, or a cozy, cashmere pink sweater – I just love that soft, blush of a hue.

My inspiration here comes with all different shades from a range of pure pink passion!