Kim and Edward, Portofino Hotel

Kim and Edward started their joint partnership on a beautiful evening in Redondo Beach at the Portofino Hotel. Gorgeous weather awaited the couple and guests as they arrived for the ceremony. The rose petal lined aisle was so beautiful and made the attention really focus at center stage.  How cute is the doggie ring bearer – what a special and personal touch for the ceremony.  The simple décor that highlighted the outdoor ceremony was the perfect complement for this couple. A wine ceremony was conducted which has been such a beautiful trend at weddings lately.

Lush roses of lavender and pink accompanied by ivory hydrangeas were a beautiful color palate that was used all throughout the ceremony, reception and wedding cake. The head table was lined with a gorgeous centerpiece as well as the amazing centerpieces hanging with jewels. We particularly loved the place cards filled with tea that the guests could use with their tea strainer wedding favors, clever and cute! Another favorite is the photo of the bike shot with the groomsmen riding bikes before the ceremony, so fun – great working with creative teams like Furious Photographers.

As the evening ended with that magical sunset photo we reflect on how happy we were to have been a part of this monumental occasion in your lives. The Charming Little Event Company wishes you many years of happiness Kim and Edward.

Flowers DVpOJa2R9jaCuMa--QLfzpH6MNo6D7SVStuq71omJJQ,RZ0MueSZQORpPDTv6u5o2Bjnxb0ger-UeYMHPcCF_CI Ceramony AROQJjwoDYvu-P2A4aYbS5GVhTP2ziQ-85kcxNdlLhY,VQ9IzuDxPvqvE07KpjfwnZCsK9MAFbBQjjlreVQu_WE,4wo080yXvR2oisUVbaQOm_wutkgn4_8Qfway5qB4RQ0 1nNVh1L72U_U3b_4yI9RQxbnxm_Ck0EZlsX5Tr_An34,OgHsBoJuRX5b_Zr1PmFfKB5RlxfDi13S5msVUBNn1dc,ZM-CbsUMtI8gDCzvHGdbVRWZu8PZT6-BSfpiCU0BWmU Wine BoxYsDPU0aMUYHOPZTyaGwELYEQeNrIpl5vPyW8yBN1N9w,fNu1PGmc2pu8V6ffYq6twOwXf1VxBZvihjB4kEcTRiE,V67R3VMz1G67jaBYkqo6iMYwBL6fhcKpRgA1_QUepys JgG2KLg2qN3R1NjaoBM6rM2veXNHXefpNNIXty4Dgvg,qujwTFqgaynUZdRl_MzQcds9KPAgaPHK8i9A9MkwKKY,zDhp0uGAFpVYuw_J76r70re8X33rv9igRdDF4P8C1xw LuGmWZqQ3b0mjB8BhjTs-93zgLlU4xIBZXtOpra-I7M,by6E8QKKZrH4c59TBmyouEI-JN-bL6-u1woOMEvjUY0 Y66VYzs152uRcDGGziHP0nIEpkNAM7gwZiGFNrOVFg8,1hDScC5RfM6twEFor3r2e5i4LXeUp8SLp4GLYHGugl4 yC_uL8qNvxgDX5GHMPp5EmvjPOnA2xIVrCG-GY-DZmA,sgA8T02c7AEDBGaOtceMYBiMCPzj9RIkBqNa_92qZKg ofCRJX25GH6IHB4Y5GzPG6Yu1YeQNm5dD_fvEvcXSOA,g3Uvn2yo3L9b4Z_ELTmj7zWrFUObCMwLXHyE_FQj-4s O1wMgAinxoIlJ3aAAoa5j3iplqet1VyROe-ARO9Y5eM,M9ZBZid2kMb1acpRUVtVmVD1CxNz7qx7Vks1v27xFMo,5SvuRmYhbcbVPSBMtkzrrwWDxaGmBdRvmJFfqkwaujo bx8G6sG3-v7HRQAl_3jmTrKDjGBdp6xg1Bv041D7h5o,hnqVZ82N3ggEYqClS9uWE-tLHZnPMk8s18J7cceLqMM

The Vendor List:

Wedding Planner: The Charming Little Event Company

Cake: Torrance Bakery

DJ: Vox DJ’s

Florist: Be Buds

Officiant: Great Officiants

Photographer: Furious Photographers

Hair and Makeup: Kelly Zhang

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