Halloween Treat

Do you ever stumble upon an idea randomly and maybe even jot it down on the Blackberry to remember later but then never actually implement it?  I have so many ideas and inspirations everywhere I go, it’s hard to keep track.

Well, as I shopped at the not-so-inspirational local Ralphs market a few weeks back, looking for something I can make for my daughter’s school Halloween Party.  I thought “hmm, those Milano cookies would make cute headstone shapes for Halloween…maybe in a pan of brownies or pudding…”

Ok, fast-forward to today when I find the ever so cute cupcake by the ladies at No Fuss Fabulous and they used that same cookie to make a headstone and added stenciling for the detail R.I.P

Gotta love it!


More Sweet Inspiration

I figured I wouldn’t be happy unless my baby boy (AKA me!) had a Mexican sweets & treats table at his first birthday party.

The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to visit the yummy panaderia (bread shop).   Here are some goodies that will be included with cute & colorful signs to let guests know what treat they are reaching for!

Hot chocolate cookies…

mexican cookie

Traditional mexican wedding cookies

mex cookie white


pan dulce

pan dulce spread

A Fabulous First Birthday Fiesta

That’s it!  The theme of  my baby boy’s first birthday party.  I saw all of these vibrant and beautiful colors surrounding me and I thought – PERFECT – let’s use that and implement a Mexican-inspired celebration.

Not to mention the fun and yummy parties I went to while in our many trips to Mexico to visit family.  Those gave me the most reason to throw this type of soiree for my little one.

Some of my inspiration:

ty party jarritos

tissue paper yellow

tissue paper flowers


That’s a Tall Cupcake!

Love, love, the vertically-enhanced cupcake!  Sugarbloom brings to you not only a scrumptious delight but the directions on how to make your own.  Do these not look absolutley yummy?

And the details, the CHARMING details!  I have placed desserts on my plate that seriously took me several minutes to bite into because I was happy enough gazing into the sweet work of art!

bolly cakes sugarbloom

tall cupcake open sugarbloom

tall cupcake sugarbloom

Watermelon + Tequila = Goodness

Before I present you with this lovely summer treat, I have to say, I am not a fan of a flavored margarita.  My drink of choice is a Cadillac Margarita, no extra frills or thrills or colors!  The original lime is my all-time favorite.

However, I found this recipe via Martha Stewart and I just could not help but clip the recipe and stare longingly at the picture.  I’m so excited to try it, and maybe along side of it, a cold marg…yum!


tequila watermelon martha stewart