The Handwritten Note

Some consider it a lost art, the handwritten note.  Such a little thing can mean so much!  But wait, little?  Maybe not so much when you are talking 150 thank you cards to wedding guests.  However, it can and should be done.

Some tips to make the task a little easier:

*Make it fun by shopping around for the perfect thank you card stationary (if you didn’t order cards with your invites).  Visit local paper stores like Paper Source and Sugar Press.   Search on-line sites for tons of inspiration and ideas. Some of my favs: Lucky Orchid Wedding, Wedding Paper Divas, Hello Lucky.

* Start to prepare the cards in the months leading up to your wedding.  Stamp and place your return address on them.

* Write out a thank you card as each gift arrives.

* Take turns!  Have your spouse take part in the writing fun.  This after-wedding job usually falls on the bride, but both of you can enjoy an evening of wine & writing.  Throw in some reminiscing about the wedding day and you have yourself a truly romantic time!

For more tips on specifics like when, how and what with Thank You cards, visit the Wedding Paper Divas blog for some great, informative information.

From top: Sugar Press, Wedding Paper Divas, Hello Lucky

2 thoughts on “The Handwritten Note

  1. Thanks for these tips, Michelle — I’m going to pass them on to my daughter who’s getting married in Santa Fe next year.

    I love personal handwritten notes too! I feel so passionately about encouraging others to write them that I started a Facebook Group called “Revive the art of personal note writing!” (Yes, the irony of an online group for an offline activity did not escape me). I’d love to have you and your readers join us:

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