Oh, Lovely Bouquet

Another Stat of The Week to share: Apparently, the amount a bride is spending on her bouquet is dropping a little bit.

Could that mean brides are opting for a more affordable version of their dream bouquet?

In any case, below are some pictures of my favorite bouquets: vibrant and colorful and romantic/vintage.  Love them all!

bouquet stats

treasured petal 2

the orange blossom

the orange blossom 2

treasured petal 1

treasured petal jasmine

nisies enchanted

Florals, from top to bottom by: The Treasured Petal (top), The Orange Blossom (second and third ), The Treasured Petal (fourth and fifth), Nisie’s Enchanted Florist (bottom)

One thought on “Oh, Lovely Bouquet

  1. My friend asked me to do a bridal bouquet for her son’s wedding. I am not prefessional florist, but it was not THAT hard to do. Here it is…
    Painting With Flowers.: I think they call it “whymsical” in magazines

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