Adding a little “something”

Your event is just that – YOURS!  If you are planning from start to finish, – invitations, theme, colors, decor, food, and more – you get to choose all the elements that will come together in one grand finale.

I love to change it up here and there by not always sticking to the tried and true.  For example, at a wedding, the couple doesn’t have to wait and cut their cake long after dinner has been served.  Your guests want that cake!  Feel free to slice that thing up before dinner or during.  Gasp!  Yes, I said it and you can do it.

Here are some other ideas that let you add a little something to your event that will keep it original, fun and a cut above the rest…

Cake sign describing flavors in each layer, by Laura Hooper


Ice cream containers for serving along with your cake, picture by Mi Belle Photography


Table top display for foods, appetizers or favors


Centerpieces inside glass domes – who would have thought?: Photography by Lisa Franchot


Circular seating for your ceremony, picture by John & Joseph Photography


Anything but white, wedding dress, these are beautiful in a hue of champage, picture by Ritzy Bee blog


Can’t decide between a DJ or a Band?  Have BOTH11H Entertainment can provide you with a DJ and musicians playing instruments on each side.


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