Always a Bridesmaid…

On your wedding day, flowers, friends, family and bridesmaids will surround the bride and lavish their attention on her (how great is that?).  In most traditional weddings, the bride has her bridesmaids wear some type of matching gowns, either by color or style.

Ever wonder how this custom originated?

In the West tradition, the practice of surrounding the bride with similarly dressed young women started as a defense against the bride-stealing Anglo-Saxon and Germanic marauders.  The earliest bridesmaids often dressed identically to the bride, in the same color gowns, to act as decoys and confuse potential kidnappers.

How scary!  It was also once believed that surrounding the bride with a flock of bridesmaids would ward off harmful spirits who might place a curse on the bride and groom’s happiness.  It was just crazy back in the day.

Luckily all you have to worry about now is getting to the ceremony on time!


Photo by Verge Photography, Laura & Calvin

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