I Do or I Don’t!

Wedding Dress Rentals

Thank you Ingrid, for your suggested topic on renting wedding gowns – good one!

How many brides can really say they have looked at their wedding gown since they wore it on their big day?  How important is it to brides to keep their gown after the big day and share it with their own daughters in the years to come?

For me, my wedding dress was not at the top of my budget and I had a figure of $300 or less in my mind for the style I wanted.  I actually bought it for $250!  It was so simple, but beautifully made and worked for me.  It’s hanging in my closet and I haven’t peeled back the plastic protection since to take a look.

In my situation, I didn’t pay much for the gown anyway, so it worked to purchase it.  However, some brides are looking for top-designer gowns and the prices can soar above the $5,000 mark.

Renting a wedding dress (and accessories) from sites such as One Night Affair, can save you a lot of money and give you the gown of your dreams for your big day.  Some pictures of available dresses below.

So, keep practical and save money without compromising your dream dress, or stick with tradition and buy/keep the dress to share?




What are your thoughts?

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