Me, The Wedding Guest!

Saturday night – Rancho Las Lomas.  Beautiful ceremony (barely missed the rain), delicious cocktail spread, hosted bar with beer & the best red wine and a yummy buffet. 

Yes, I was actually a guest at a fabulous wedding!  I have worked at Rancho Las Lomas as a Coordinator so I was very much looking forward to being able to sit & relax.  And that I did!  My husband and I had such a great time, one of the best weddings we have ever attended!

Congratulations to Jao & Tom.

My compliments to the superb caterer – 24 Carrots – a fellow ABC member, for providing the mouth-watering appetizers (among my favorites were tiger shrimp on sugar cane skewers with sweet chili sauce, cheese platters with olive garnish and candied pecans, pulled-pork sliders with cilantro and corn garnish on sweet bread, roasted vegetables, and a very tasty buffet dinner).


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