A New Look

I am so excited to launch the new & improved Charming Events website!  It has been way too long since a refresh of our look and i’m happy to say the wait is over and you will get a glimpse of our new style within the next few days.  All the technical “stuff” is done and we now just need to wait for the actual transfer.

Unfortunately, along with the change comes a total loss of e-mail!  I am NOT able to receive any e-mails to the charmingevent.com addresses.  So, please forward any e-mail to michellert@cox.net or feel free to call me.  Once my website is up and running, e-mail will be back to normal.

I would love your feedback on the new site, so please feel free to share your thoughts when you see it! 

Here is a sneak peak for ya:

Photo by Knot Photographysteph03-jpeg

Photo by Jasmine Starrina-nick-wedding-777-01


Photo by Ira Lippke583150415303_0_bg

Photo by Knot Photographysteph15-jpeg

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