I HEART Valentine’s Day

Guess what special day is creeping up on us?  The lovely but sometimes not so exciting Valentine’s day.  Make your romantic dinner or all friends party a fabulous event!

A plus for me and maybe for you, as well, is all the red you brought out for the holidays can be used at this time too.  I have the most darling red votive holders and shiny red charger plates, which I can definitely incorporate into my February Valentine style.

I’m also loving these arrangements and decor ideas from Martha Stewart’s website.


Candy bag favors (or use them as place settings)



Hot-hot long table centerpieces.  Add more votives for a more romantic feel.


Tea bag tags for after-dinner treats or use as favors by placing tea bags in pink or red gift-card size envelopes


Flower vases filled with conversation hearts.  Use red-hots (candy) for a deeper red color and enjoy eating them after the party! 


No wires or tricky put-together hardware for this charming bunch of roses.  Just cut stems short and place into tiny vases/containers and shape into a heart.  Voila!


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