3 thoughts on “Wrapables

  1. I have exciting news for you…those cranberry damask candle holders we love so much? Well, you’ll be happy to know I got the EXACT same ones at Walgreens (as prizes for games at the wedding shower I recently hosted) , as a gift pack of 2, for $1.99.

    They’re the same color, same design (for real) and the damask part has a kind of velvety feel to it. I just went to Walgreens today, they still have them on display in the Thanksgiving section, if you take a look.

    The only difference? The ones on Wrapables are filled with candle wax, whereas the ones at Walgreens are just holders. Yay for bargains! :)

    Loving your blog, keep up the great work –


    P.S. You can see a pic of the ones I got – though in the picture they look a little more red than burgandy colored…however they are the exact same color as the ones you have shown above. :) Here’s the link:


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