Certified Roses, Guess Where?!

As a huge fan of Costco, I had to pass along some news regarding their fabulous, fresh roses.  As of June 15, 2008, all roses purchased from South America by Costco and sold in the warehouses are RA (Rainforest Alliance) certified.

What does that mean? The RA standards protect ecosystems and wildlife habitats (yay!), conserve water and soil, promote decent and safe working conditions and ensure that the farms are good neighbors to rural communities and wild lands.  Yet another reason to pick-up your fresh florals at Costco.

If you are planning a smaller event such as a bridal or baby shower, or dinner party, and want to arrange the flowers yourself, the flowers at Costco are a perfect way to spruce up tables and decor.  And the prices, well let’s just say you will get quite a bargain!

One thought on “Certified Roses, Guess Where?!

  1. I just had to chime in about Costco flowers… I’ve been using them for small-ish (even some large-ish) events for a while and the greatest part is that they are ready and willing to order any quantity/color roses for you (and limited other varieties) — and they are really very pretty and fresh every time!

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