Congratulations to Karen & Kelly

Karen & Kelly’s wedding was on June 21st of this year and unfortunatley, I haven’t received pictures to share YET, however, i’m hoping I will have some to share very soon!  Karen is so special and such a dear person, I was truly sad that her day had come and gone so we both promised to keep in touch and meet up for lunch.  She and her new husband, Kelly, have a new home in a different state but we still manage some contact by texting each other! 

The Anaheim Sheraton was their wedding venue and the color palette incorporated a deep shade of blue in their color palette to match with the Marine Corps hues.  After announced as Mr. & Mrs., the couple walked through the tunnel of swords, which made for such great pictures and a great honor for them both. 

Congratulations to Karen & Kelly!  I wish you the best in your new home and life together and Karen: I can’t wait to catch up with you at our lunch date and see some long-awaited pictures!

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