You’re Engaged!

Many brides and grooms contact us when they first become engaged because they have no clue where to start the planning process.  These turn out to be our full or partial service clients because we step in to help at the wee-beginning stages of wedding planning fun!

As I browsed through my latest copy of Brides magazine, I found a great reference article worth sharing for those of you that need a start on your wedding detail planning.  For more detail, pick up the Feb/Mar 2008 issue or contact us!

1) Figure out your time, date & place.

2) Decide on what type of event you want to host – formal or informal.

3) Find out and discuss with your parents the money issue – are they giving you any money or paying for certain things?

4) Start working on your guest list.  Your budget will help lay the foundation on how many guests you will ultimately invite.

5) Research costs and work on your budget.

6) Select your bridal party.  Remember – you don’t have to have an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen!

7) Start pondering the dress.

8) Find the vendors – many will book up quick.

9) Start your exercise routine.

10) Get him involved – this day belongs to both of you!  Usually, the groom takes charge of the music, transportation and honeymoon. 


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