ABC Holiday Party

ABC threw a great party Tuesday night at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine.  The final get-together of the year included invitations to member’s spouses and signficant others, which my husband loved because he always hears me talking about the fun we have!

In addition to providing great cocktail hour music, an icy martini bar and festive carolers, hundreds of toys were collected for the Spark of Love Toy Drive

My favorite highlights of the night are below.

The beautiful and chic name tags made by Allison at Ink Invitations


Table centerpieces, which looked fabulous with the surrounding white, whispy pipe and drape:


So modern: Long banquet-style tables that changed different colors.  Love these!


Jim Kennedy provided the foto cabina for fun pictures and take-home memories! This photo booth energy was so energetic.  The pictures are taken quickly and are ready very soon so little to no waiting time!  My Assistant Kym and her boyfriend Andrew about to take some pics:


Kym and I posing for the blog!


Had to share this picture of the beautiful dessert, however, as you can see, I didn’t even take one bite because y’all know when drinking beer, sweets don’t mix! Notice the beer bottle conveniently in shot.


I promise I do have pictures of hubby and I in the photobooth but I can’t find them. Once I do, i’ll share the joy!

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