Where Do I Sign?

A personalized guestbook at any event is a great way to allow your guests to jot down some personal notes and inspiring words that you can take a look at long after your gathering has passed.

Many people choose to use a framed, engagement picture with an area for guests to write on.  There are also the fun, get-your-people-mingling, polaroid albums.

The Guestbook Store offers a great variety of styles, colors and formats.  You can pick your cover from a great selection, as well as the inside pages to match your theme and type of event.  And, as a special offer, from now until December 15th,  you can get 15% off of your order by using the promotional code: HOLIDAY

A few cover selections:




Some Page options (with picture space or not):



How cute is this one for the Holiday Party?



5 thoughts on “Where Do I Sign?

  1. We did a small Leather Craftsmen album filled with engagement photos and blank space for our guest book. It was a huge hit, and something we can keep lying around fro people to see when they come over.

    These are a cool find also, I love the brown damask cover!

  2. Awesome idea! Back in 2004 when I did my wedding, we had 2 friends photograph ALL of our guests. Then each guest wrote a special note to hubby and I. I havent’ put the book together yet, but I know it will be wonderful to look at for years to come. This idea has truly evolved!

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