Tag – You’re GREEN!

As defenders of Mother Earth and all that great stuff, going green has really made a statement.  This week I was tagged by the Bridal Party LLC to share with readers how I have made improvements to become more eco-friendly.

* I always turn off lights when I leave a room, home or out in public (probably annoys people!)

* I recycle every bag that I bring home, plastic or paper.  I’ll use it for another task like baby diaper pail, cat litter, trash bag, etc.

* I bought Trader Joe’s reusable grocery bags.  Cute and strong!

* I use recycled paper

*  I collect my empty water bottles (whenever I have some) and cans and give them to my MOMS Club recycling queen

* Speaking of water bottles, I rarely use them because I bought plastic water containers instead and fill those up with perfectly good tap water!

Now it’s your turn!  I’m tagging:

Simply Modern Weddings

Asha Adkins

3 thoughts on “Tag – You’re GREEN!

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