THE Party of the Year

My little girl turned one this past Saturday.  As she played with the pink pinata hanging by a rope, I laughed while fighting back tears, wondering what happened to the twelve months that, apparently, flew by.

I tried not to plan anything too big so that I could absorb myself into the smallest details of the day: the clouds, the moist grass, my baby’s curls as she wiggled in the grass, family & friends smiling as they sang happy birthday to Teya.  It worked!  Everything was beautiful and I was able to enjoy every second.

I took lots of pictures that i’m excited to share via my blog.  The vendors I partnered with were amazing, as usual, and i’ll share all the details this weekend. 

The cutest, most darling and Charming! centerpieces ever by Jen at the Orange Blossom.  Her husband, Ryan, a professional photographer took these pictures:




Tables, chairs & umbrellas provided by Mission Viejo Rentals.  I highly recommend MVR and have used them in the past with great results and pricing each time.


The fantastic cake made by Black Forest Bakery!  I brought in various clippings as samples for what I was looking for and it was no easy task!  I wanted bits & pieces of each picture to create my final product and they did exactly that – the cake was so tasty and beautiful.  We opted for chocolate with chocolate filling so that baby could get as messy as possible for picture-taking opportunities!


Drink station made up of Pink & Purple beverages, (of course!).  I bought all of the drinks at BevMo.  Notice, below, my Trader Vic’s mai-tai mix for the grown-ups.  We need to celebrate too!  For some very strange camera’s fault reason, the colors of the table coverings came out blue, but they were purple & pink.  That’s what I get, opting for portable convenience instead of quality!



And finally, my baby girl right after she got the chance to dig into her yummy, first, chocolate cake!  Hat & “I’m one” pin from Party City.


9 thoughts on “THE Party of the Year

  1. Hi Michelle! I found your blog through Delightful Blogs and happened to see this one about your little girl’s first birthday!! How cute is she!?!? Just adorable! The Pink and Purple color scheme caught my eye…it’s my fav…and I must say, perfect for everything “girly”. My daughter’s room is decorated in the same color scheme! FABULOUS!!

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