Great Find


Romance.  What is romantic to one may not be for another.  I for one would never consider the cold, white mountain ski resorts to be an ideal honeymoon.  I am a island, sun, mai-tai type of girl! 

Continuing on with the travel theme, I wanted to provide you with a great site to find your ideal spot.  Visit the Romantic Places website and search by areas of the world, hotels, driving tours or seasonal highlights.  You will get pricing info., a brief description of the property and a link to their website.

How do you know the locations listed are truly romantic? Here is text taken from the website on what types of places are listed and what types are not: We’re drawing the line on hotels / condos / time-share properties, however. We just don’t think kitchens and all they entail — food shopping, cooking & cleaning up — belong in a romantic place.

Enough said!

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