My Turn

I have been tagged by fabulous Photographer Trista Lerit!  This means it is my turn to give you all eight pieces of info. about me that are supposed to be interesting – well, you be the judge of that! 

Numero Uno: I speak Spanish.  I may not look hispanic but I am!  When I speak to people in Spanish (which doesn’t happen often!) I get the strangest looks.  And I get to hear what people talking about when they think I can’t understand them.  I have surprised many people with a response when they thought they were being sneaky!

2. I had a complete life turn-around with the birth of my baby.  I love the new me, but I get teased by my husband because it’s really funny when you compare the two.  I love being a mommy so I welcome the change! 

* Pre-baby: Mustang convertible, happy hours, movies on DVD, full bar at home, late nights, shopping five days a week, motto: If you follow all the rules, you miss out on all the fun.

* Post-baby: SUV with a “Baby On Board” sign, once a month Mom’s night Out with my mom’s club, Baby Einstein DVDs, a year old bottle of rum in my cabinet, going to bed at 9:30 pm at the very latest, lugging my coupon book to Ralphs for my grocery shopping, motto: Safety First.

 3. Target has got to be my happiest place on earth.  They have it all!  And the one near me has a grocery section.  I have gone just to get out of the house with baby and look around.  I would say i’m there at least 3 times a week, I should be on their payroll.

4. I LOVE margaritas, wine, good beer and straight tequila.  I would probably choose to have a good cocktail instead of a good dinner.  When I go out to eat, during the drive, I am thinking “which drink should I get tonight?”

5. I donate money to animal charity groups every year and sometimes a few times a year.  But I hate that I get 10,000 address labels and a “member” sticker every month from 100 other places because my name was sold!  More power to any organization helping animals but a little privacy would be appreciated.

6. I’m a lipgloss addict.  I probably have about 50 different glosses scattered about my home, car and purse.  Each time I hear about a new product line “promising THE best lip gloss ever,” I am a complete sucker and will go buy it.  I have bought the most expensive to the cheapest and I still look for the perfect “one.”  The closest so far are Clinique Air Kiss and MAC Lip Glass in Oh Baby.  Been using these two for years and love them.

7. My middle name is supposed to be Renee, as in the female version but unfortunately my folks didn’t spell it that way.  So officially it is Rene. 

8. I’m a list keeper.  I have got to have a to-do list.  It feels so good to cross stuff off my list!  I have a notebook in my car, my diaper bag and next to the computer and yes, I utilize my cell phone’s note pad function. 

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