Fall Inspiration

So my  husband and I are walking along the Downtown Disney shops, browsing and admiring when we happen to stroll into Illuminations.  I see magnificent Halloween and Fall home accents and i’m thrilled!  I think to myself…IF I had a big enough house, I would so be buying all this stuff! 

Really though, who knows if I would actually buy these lovely decor treats, but I know one thing is for sure – I was inspired!


My favorite are the little glass pumpkins, which you can use in vases with water and candles to create a dramatic and glassy effect. 


Take a look at these votive chandeliers – they looks so much better when you see them in-person!  The metal has a bronze finish and the votive holders are made of hand-blown glass.  You can add flowers or twinkle lights or greenery.  Just gorgeous for the cocktail area or any outside patio!



Lanters for decoring any event table – casting a wonderful glow with the clear glass panes and copper finish.  And you can hang or stand them!


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