Eat, Drink & Be Merry


The menu at your event (particularly a wedding) is such a huge part of the celebration and you absolutely must enjoy the meal either during or after.  How many couples remember actually getting the chance to sit down and enjoy dinner at their reception? 

After all the effort you put into choosing the right selections and going to the taste testing, and making sure your guests are satisfied, you also need to make sure to take pleasure in enjoying the food.

I am always reminding my clients that they need to sit for just a while to relax, eat, and reflect on the day’s events.  Just twenty minutes will do! 

I will bring bags labeled for the bride & groom, which can be used by the catering or venue staff to pack a meal for each (if allowed) and individual servings of cake or other dessert that was served.  And if i’m not there to ensure you get to eat or take it with you, just ask your caterer if they can pack two bags for the road!  The little take out containers pictured above work just perfectly.

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