Baby’s Birthday Bash




 I’m just starting to put together some ideas for my baby’s first birthday party and my main concern is keeping it all very simple but colorful.  Since baby can’t really enjoy much decor right now, I know she will appreciate vibrant hues and fun feels like different textures and dimensions. 

I am so anti-commercial, type themes!  Meaning, you will never find me celebrating with a Disney Character or some other mass produced party line because I have this urgent need to be creative and come up with ideas for a one-of-a-kind celebration!

So, if you have an idea you think would be just great for a baby’s birthday party, I would love to hear it and maybe I will incoporate it into the overall concept.  I’m so excited!

5 thoughts on “Baby’s Birthday Bash

  1. I’m not really great at planning party decor (better at photographing it!) but I hope we get an invite!! Congrats on your beautiful baby’s upcoming birthday!, I know whatever you come up with will be fabulous!!

  2. Oh yes…but you just wait until Teya starts talking and decides she’s going to plan her own birthday parties. Sorry friend, but when she turns like 4…you don’t get much say in the theme! But until then, enjoy yourself! ha ha ha

  3. Hi Michelle, Someone I knew planned a “carnival” theme which might go well with your bright colors idea. They had games for those old enough to play them, lots of bright tables and “booths” and even raffle tickets and prizes! Hope that helps!

  4. Nina, I like the carnival idea, especially the thought of a cute cake shaped like a carnival ride – with the pointed top, horses on poles, very cute! Thanks for the feedback!

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