Jamilah & Jordan

J & J – this was the great monogram this couple used throughout their wedding like on the beautiful dinner menus placed on guest tables.  Tables were draped in either aqua blue or lime satin linens.  Just perfect for a wedding overlooking the blue-green ocean in Rancho Palos Verdes.  White, blue and green paper lanterns hung from rafters in the cocktail area while guests mingled and enjoyed breath-taking views.

Jamilah is a cheerleading coach, so needless to say her energy was very evident.  Meanwhile, Jordan is very laid-back or so he seemed!  They compliment each other so very well and their love did shine the entire day from the moment Jamilah walked down the aisle, to the moment she changed into her “dancing and partying” dress and Jordan held her close on the dance floor.

Guests were dancing pretty much the whole evening from salads to cake – moving to the tunes of a 10-piece band (http://www.soulicious4u.com/) for the first part of the night and then Carlos (http://www.amaze-dj.com/) took over the later and very high-energy part of the evening.

I had a great team helping me on Sunday, which included my intern Kym, Desiree and her husband Garett.  Thanks to you guys for helping enhance such a beautiful setting!

And thank you to Jamilah & Jordan’s vendors who made sure the wedding was an absolute success.  Here are some great detail pictures from their Photographer, Robert Vlach (http://www.robertvlach.com/).





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