Let’s Eat Cake!


I have been discussing cake cutting for an upcoming wedding with the hired DJ/MC.  We both have different opinions on when the cake should be cut.  He thinks that 9:45 pm is too early to cut a cake.  I think that should be the latest time to cut the cake!

Granted, in our particular situation, the photographer is only on-site until 10:00 pm and the cake is made in a particular way and with fresh ingredients so that the cutting needs to take place as early as possible. 

However, in another situation when the cake does not have to be cut early due to its ingredients, or getting the photographs done, there is absolutely nothing wrong with cutting the cake as early as you feel like it.

It seems that some vendors are adamant about when and how things happen, which can be good or can be bad.  Take this cake issue, for example.  The bride and groom have chosen an absolutely beautiful and tasty treat and are eager for their guests to taste it.  So, should we follow what “most and typical” wedding couples do and wait until later in the evening to cut and serve?  No way!  I say go for it when you want to.  This is your day and you don’t have to follow any set rules.  As your coordinator, I will suggest to you an order of events but we will work together to make your day happen according to your wishes.

There are many weddings that take place where the cake is served before dinner or right after and do you think guests are complaining?  Guests love the wedding cake!  And they are not going to leave or think your wedding is over just because the server hands them a slice of cake.  Your DJ will crank up the music and get the party started and whoever planned on staying to party will definitely do so!  Those guests that were planning to leave early will appreciate the cake cutting and take off.

Oh, another thing.  As a Coordinator, guests approach me all the time with their requests and comments.  And wouldn’t you know one of the most common discussions I have with guests is that they want the cake and ask me when it will be served.  Other vendors may not get the opportunity to interact with guests so they aren’t aware of what they want.   

Enjoy your wedding day and don’t be afraid to ask vendors for what you want.  You do get to have your cake and eat it too!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Eat Cake!

  1. i think it will be pretty obvious when people will start craving some cake + coffee….and i would usually say to defer to the coordinator’s opinion over the DJ’s:)
    the sad thing is…brides + grooms spend all sorts of time deciding these details + rarely actually have a chance to taste the cake:(

  2. Cristina, you are so right! I had to remind the Bride & Groom twice on Saturday night to sit down and enjoy some cake. I don’t think they ever got to. But we packed away lots of it for them to snack on at night!

  3. I agree with you Michelle. I think 9:45 should be the latest! (Guests start to tucker out around the 10-11 mark….) Imagine all that wasted cake?

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