Name Change

For the bride that decides to take on her husband’s last name, the process can be quite intimidating!  But, if you have the right information and a to-do list, the process will be easier, I promise! 

I had to change my name and the most time-consuming part of the process was a visit to the social security office.  After that was done, all else could be handled through the mail.

Here is a checklist of items that need to be taken care of and you can do this after your honeymoon.  I recommend after you get back from the glorious get-away because you can just use your current passport with your maiden name instead of worrying about the name-change details while planning your wedding.

I also have a name change kit which is so helpful and includes all the forms needed so if you need one, leave a comment with your contact info.

* Social Security Card – always start with this one first!

* Passport

* Drivers License

* All credit reporting agencies  

* Doctor/Dental records

* Bank/Credit cards and accounts

* Insurance & Registration

* Voter registration

* Retirement accounts and life insurance policies

* Memberships to gyms or club warehouses

* Magazine subscriptions

* Post office

Happy name changing!

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