Baby Shower Fun

This weekend I attended a baby shower for the Figueroa Family, which is the same beautiful family that I featured as a wedding right here on my blog!  Sal & Lisa are expecting baby Ella this August, and this will make Isaac a brand new, big brother.

I wanted to share the joy because I am just thrilled to be a part of this exciting celebration, especially after having known Lisa since she was planning her wedding (back in 2003 I think!) and now a baby is on the way.

Just another great reason why I love what I do – seeing families celebrate again and again and if i’m lucky to be invited back into the lives of those I help, well then all the better!  Sal, Lisa & Isaac – congratulations to you all!  Baby Ella is one lucky girl!

Here are some photos of the expectant mom and the great decor provided by her family and friends.












And a shameless plug of my own baby girl, only because Sal took such a great picture, I wanted to share!   


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