Venue Tours

I love being invited to tour different venues that I have yet to see.  The staff are always so friendly and eager to share their event site specs. and logistics in order to encourage planners and couples to see what they have to offer and hopefully have us all fall in love with its specific characteristics!

I also invite myself when I have a serious curiousity about a venue.  Now, I know what questions I need to ask to really get the true info. about a site and i’m going to share it with you!  If you are looking for a place to host you wedding or other event, make sure to ask the following questions, and plenty of others, which will definitely help you in securing the best site for your plans.

Oh, these are in no particular order!

1. How much is your minimum and/or cost per person?  The cost will differ depending on what day of the week you have your wedding or what time of the day.

2. How many people will the site accomodate?  Are there areas that may be hidden from the head/sweetheart table if you go above a certain number of guests?  This would be the “overflow” area where you guests may be hidden and not able to see the main seating area. 

3. Are you insured?

4. Do you allow outside caterers?  If you do, is your kitchen fully equiped?  If you are hiring an outside caterer, they will know what they need to adequately provide service at this particular venue and even better if they have worked there in the past.

5. Are there staff available on the day of the wedding and the rehearsal to answer any questions?

6. Is there an extra charge for bartenders?  Other staff?

7. What is your policy on overtime charges?

8. Is there a cake cutting fee applied?

9. Do you offer discounted pricing on vendor meals?  For children?

10. What deposit is due to reserve the site?  When is the final payment due? Is the deposit refundable and if so, until when?

11. What is the service charge?  Is there a gratuity charge? Are there any other charges that will be added to my food/beverage total?

12. Is there audio/visual equipment available?  Is there a cost associated to rent these items? 

13. How many hours do we get the room for?  How many hours before the start time and how many after the end time?  Make sure you have enough time alloted for vendors to set-up the site, especially if you have a lot of decor or other details that need to be taken care of.

14. Are there any other events taking place the day or day before ours?

15. Is there valet parking available and if not, do you allow valet companies to provide service?

16. Do you allow candles and if so, what are the restrictions?  There may be a requirement on how tall the candle holder is or where exactly you can place candles.

17. And a question for you to ask yourself after you have toured the venue, did you feel good about it? Did you get along well with the staff? You want to make sure you feel comfortable since you will be working closely with these folks until your wedding day comes.  And if nothing else, make sure you absolutely love it because a large portion of your budget will be going towards the reception costs.

Have fun looking!

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