Back to Where it All Started…

For the second time since launching Charming Events, I get to work at the same venue that I had my very own wedding reception at.  Thanks to Jamilah for choosing me to help with her upcoming summer wedding at Los Verdes Golf Course!  I’m so excited for the opportunity.

 Of course, this venue would be my favorite since I celebrated there myself ~ but besides the personal bias – the staff, food, service, view, everything is just incredible at Los Verdes.  The last wedding I coordinated at this site was back in 2006 for Grace & Chris and it was my first time at Los Verdes since my own reception so it was great to see the same folks that helped me and taste some of the same food that I had the night of my wedding (yummy!).

Jamilah’s creativity and choice of decor is just fabulous.  A completely different look from the norm, which is so appealing to me, I can’t wait to help bring it all together!

Here is a picture from my wedding of the ballroom and huge dancefloor, taken by my Coordinator.  And more pictures I took of the outside.  In the second picture, past the gazebo you can just see the amazing view of the ocean and in person you would be able to see Catalina.  Gorgeous.  Oh the memories!

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