It’s About Time

It has been seven glorious months since I brought home my baby girl and just now am I trying to get back into shape.  What shape?  Just more health I guess and I want to lose some weight.  Thanks to my friend Jen for the kick-start, which I desperately needed.  I kept telling myself it was ok because I JUST had a baby.  Well that worked the first three months but now I have no excuse. 

For the last week I have been careful to watch what I eat and I am walking a lot.  And I lost six pounds during those last seven days.  YAY!  I’m so happy to know what i’m doing is working and i’m now very encouraged to keep going.

If anyone else is trying to drop their post-baby “poundage” or anyone else who just wants to get back into shape, let me know and we can chat!  It really does help to have a network for sharing.

So, now i’m off to the kitchen to have my well-sized portion of lunch!

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