The Happiest Place on Earth (for about 2 hours)

 I decided to purchase an annual pass to Disneyland now that my baby girl is so past the newborn stage (about 4 months to be exact!) and she loves to look at anything and everything new to her AND more importantly, I get out of the house and walk!  The pass is not valid on Saturdays or the entire month of July – but who wants to go on a crowded weekend or holiday anyway?  The lines are so long and the heat would be awful in the summer, so needless to say, I am thrilled with my options of weekdays and Sundays. 

Anyway, I took the baby to Disneyland a couple weeks ago for her first visit and I didn’t plan on staying more than 3 hours.  Well, that was easily decided because my sweetie fell asleep after the first ride on “It’s a Small World!”  We were headed to the train ride when she decided to take a nap so I got to hold her while we took a trip around the park.  

As you will see in the pictures below, I only got shots of our one adventure since she was awake then and a couple around Disneyland photo spots.  She also has on her 1st Visit pin, which was just so cute!

 We have been twice now and each time we try a different ride.  Baby got a little scared on the Alice in Wonderland ride so I had to talk to her and calm her down but she was fine once we got out of the really dark tunnel!  So, how does one go about getting those fast passes???  Hmmmmm…

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