Vegas, Here I Come

Tonight the family and I head to Vegas and I am just so excited! Getting away for a few days while someone else gets to do the cleaning up is my idea of a romantic get-away.  Lucky for me, my Aunt heads up the reservations desk at a hotel in Vegas and so we get great rates, which means I get extra money to gamble (lose) with.    

I am definitely not a huge gambler though; i’m the type that will win $50 and collect my winnings and go!  I’m always so afraid of losing all the money I came with.  But isn’t that kind of the point?  I bring a certain amount of money to play with and if it is gone then so be it – that was the reason for it.  Yeah right!  I cannot grasp that concept – I NEED to come home with at least the same amount or it is just upsetting (at least for a few hours).  So, wish me luck! 

I’ll be back early next week, hopefully a few bucks richer ;)

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