Another Birthday

So, my birthday is next week.  I’m not even sure what day! I tried to stop celebrating it a few years ago but my husband won’t allow that.  I really should use the day as an excuse to celebrate, get all dressed up and eat & drink to my heart’s content.  But there is so much else to do.  My baby is already 6 months old and it feels to me like I just brought her home from the hospital a few weeks ago!  Time just flies by and even thought that is a total cliche, it is so true!

My point is that I refuse to acknowledge another entire year has passed so I try to ignore my birthday! How funny is that?? I have to say, I am very much looking forward to the events coming up: A Sweet 16 unlike any other, A wedding at the beautiful Cicada venue in Los Angeles, the lucky day wedding on 7/7/7, and much more.

Now those are definitely worth celebrating ;)